Basic Adjustment of The Linkert M-series & DC Model Carburetors & M-series Float Setting

The Linkert M-Series.

Adjusting the LInkert DC Model Carburetor

1) Make sure the throttle cable open & closes the throttle fully
2)Lightly turn in both high & low speed needles until bottomed out - GENTLY
3)Low speed needle (2) should be turned out ( counterclockwise)  1 1/2 turns.This is full rich.
4) Start motor and let warm up until choke is open. Turn low speed needle (2) in (clockwise) until mixture leans
    out and causes skipping. and 
near stopping. Back needle out ( counterclockwise)1/8 turn  or until motor idle
    smooths out with spark advanced and throttle closed.

    Always better running, and easier starting with engine slightly rich rather than too lean.
5) Adjust throttle stop screw (4) to desired idle with throttle closed. Clockwise = faster, counterclockwise =
    slower. Do NOT set at lowest idle or motor will be hard starting.

6) Set high speed  needle after low speed is set. Run at varying speeds with spark fully advanced. Generally the
    high speed needle (1) will be set 
between 3/4 and 1 1/4 turns open.

Linkert M series Float Adjustment